In 2015, we arranged a garden with healing plants and herbs next to Hotel Delfin. Its planting was designed by the extraordinary landscape architect Vladimir Vremec, a member of the Slovenian minority in Italy. The garden is divided into several parts: the blooming meadow, the part where medicinal plants have found their home, the part where typical herbs of Kras and Istria grow, and the central part which is home to Kneipp’s Garden. A circular pathway runs throughout the garden, flanked by water-filled troughs for arm and foot baths. Visitors can stroll around the garden, rest on benches and enjoy the multitude of fragrant flowers.


On Tuesdays at 10am, you are also welcome to benefit from a guided tour of the garden led by our gardener Sašo Mejak, before brightening your day with a cup of healing home-made tea in our Kneipp bar. As Sebastian Kneipp would say: “It’s always tea time!”

Izola – a town of wonderful parks

Strolling through Izola is also an extraordinary experience due to the numerous parks you can enjoy on your walk. Vladimir Vremec, the landscape architect who designed Kneipp’s Garden and the planting of numerous other parts of Izola, says that in all seasons, something must bloom and emit fragrant aromas in the park.

Sprehod skozi Izolske parke →

“Health cannot be bought in a store; it is obtained through the way you live your life.”


Sebastian Kneipp